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The Digital Twin in Industry

The digital twin is considered one of the 10 revolutionary breakthroughs that will change our future.

This concept is attributed to David Gelernter, in his book “Mirror Worlds, or the Day Software Puts the Universe in a Shoebox “. (Mirror Worlds, or the day when software will put the Universe in a shoebox), published in 1992, where the creation of digital replicas of any space or object was first proposed, but it was NASA who, in 2010, first adopted the concept of digital twins, creating digital simulations in space capsules and spacecraft.

There are many definitions of a digital twin today, but what advantages does it offer in the industrial sector?

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Advantages of a Digital Twin in the Industry

Below we highlight the main advantages of the digital twin in the industry:

Process optimization

Bringing industrial processes to their optimal point has always been the main objective pursued by plant managers and operations managers. The digital twin can help us achieve this goal by simulating these processes and recreating possible scenarios without compromising factory production.

Cost reduction

One of the direct benefits of achieving this optimal state of the production processes is the reduction of production costs in many different ways: Improvement of the energy efficiency of the lines, increase of the real production per production unit, reduction of non-productive times, prevention of breakdowns, etc.

Decision making

One of the most valuable assets for any industrial sector manager is the information available on their production systems. In many cases, not having the right information is an obstacle to making certain decisions that prevent the company from achieving its ideal scenarios. Therefore, the digital twin is a very important tool in providing this information that enables organizations to make better decisions.


The automation of processes and new technologies, together with the evolution of markets and their demands, bring with them new formulations of industrial scenarios such as the <Flexible Factory> which basically consists of having production lines adaptable to different formats and references in an agile way. The digital twin is also an excellent tool for optimizing production in this type of scenario.

In conclusion, we can say that the digital twin offers us a series of advantages in the industry that bring us closer to operational excellence, ensuring success in new investments and their return.

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