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Digital transformation, the cultural change your company needs

What is industrial digital transformation?

When we talk about factories needing a digital transformation, we think of it as a change or implementation of technology, but the transformation that industries are facing today goes beyond a technological process: it’s a cultural change that they have to face from within their organization.

However, this digital transformation It takes time, after an analysis of capabilities and needs, to generate and establish a strategic plan for digital transformation to guide its implementation, involving all members of the company.

Transformación Digital Cambio Cultural

Corporate culture change strategies

Key points to face the cultural change in order to successfully achieve a digital transformation:

  • Commit to committed and innovative leadership, leave the comfort zone and face cultural change to successfully achieve a digital transformation.
  • Involve employees through work teams to implement the plan. After defining this and a roadmap, the different departments will be integrated, involving them at all times in the change.
  • Promote flexibility and productive processes at work.
  • Define businessobjectives through goals and metrics to measure the progress and success of the cultural change.
  • Responsive communication through active listening to employees.
  • Fostering digital competencies among employees and managers

It is a reality that digital transformation in the industry helps to improve processes, both factory managers and plant managers facilitate decision making, increasing production efficiency, improving product quality and reducing costs.

As we have mentioned, a digital transformation always involves facing a cultural change, this can be seen as a great challenge, but being perseverant through the established plan will be a success.

Remember that every organization is unique, so it is important to tailor these strategies to the specific needs of your company and the nature of the culture you want to change.

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