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What is digitalisation in the logistics sector?

For some years now, the logistics sector has been facing a huge increase in demand, thus increasing the demands on its work methodology. Due to the shortage of professionals, the high prices of logistics land, seasonality and the reduction of margins, it is increasingly difficult to meet this high demand.

Therefore, the logistics sector is facing a challenge that needs a practical and reliable solution.

Logistics digitisation offers a solution to all these drawbacks, reducing inefficiencies and also the environmental impact related to the industry.

Digitisation in the logistics sector allows the supply chain to be optimised. With 100% digital workflows, it makes the relationship between suppliers, distributors and other partners faster and more efficient. In addition, it helps to increase productivity, as it makes up for the sector’s large labour shortage by automating lower value-added processes.

Benefits of logistics digitisation

Traceability equals reliability. Nowadays, it has become an important requirement for all users to be able to follow the path of an order placed. That is why it is almost imperative to have a system that offers complete traceability of the entire life cycle of a product. Digitalisation is a fundamental point here, as it allows us to know information about the location of each product in real time. This results in increased reliability and minimises incidents that may occur.

With the increase in demand, it helps the correct organisation of all the products and to know in real time any problem that may occur in order to solve it without delays or added costs.

It also allows integration with the back-end, that is, it allows the integration of different platforms to streamline logistics processes. Therefore, businesses such as online shops or marketplaces that have totally or partially outsourced their logistics, can have real-time visibility of the status of their inventory, being able to guarantee pre-established delivery times and avoiding stock-outs.

Logistics automation solutions

At Geprom I Part of Telefónica Tech, we have the integration of the WMS-Warehouse Management System, which allows you to control and optimise all the operations and processes of a warehouse in a comprehensive manner.

Thanks to the WMS system, you can automate and synchronise all operations in real time and robustly integrate it with the ERP and MES systems to obtain a complete solution connected to the production processes.

Whether you are an SME or a large company, the WMS system helps to increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase overall data security in the warehouse and in production.

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