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Dr. Oetker implements pilot project with the MES Objective System

Dr. Oetker, a leading national and international German food company, has been serving the needs of consumers for more than 100 years, offering a variety of quality and sustainable products.

Despite its large production capacity, a solution to the need for real-time OEE measurement for five packaging lines was required at its headquarters in the Netherlands.


The objective of Dr. Oetker Netherlands was to have optimal data control and transparency within the production line. They also wanted to increase the confidence in the accuracy of the data and information collected.

Therefore, the implementation of an MES software capable of measuring in real time the existing OEE for the 5 packaging lines that required it was proposed.


In order to carry out the implementation of the MES Objective System at Dr. Oetker Netherlands, a proof of concept was first used to demonstrate the applicability of the system. Based on a positive evaluation of the proof of concept, the decision was made to install new sensors, a line interface and full implementation of the OEE module.


After the pilot test, a considerable reduction in investment costs and a significant increase in the reliability of the OEE-related data from the packaging lines was observed. This made it easier and faster to analyse the data in real time in order to make their production much more efficient.


Michael Schubert: “The analysis of the results is quick and easy and the data is now obtained in real time and used efficiently,” He assessed the result very positively, emphasising the fact that he had deployed a pilot test of the MES Objective system, which allowed him to see that unnecessary costs were reduced to a minimum. It also helped to be able to assess the investment in much more detail.