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How to implement an WMS

Optimize your warehouse resources and logistics processes and implement a WMS in your company.

From Geprom | Part of Telefónica Tech, we help you to previously analyze your business and your needs for a successful WMS implementation as a customized solution.


Ready for a digital transformation by implementing an WMS?

Surely you have many doubts when facing this project, so we want to tell you about the process and guide you to the implementation of a Warehouse Management System. (WMS)

First of all, we have to be aware of the change, the decision we have taken is to renew ourselves and evolve our business, which is what it will mean:

… a management impact on orders and invoicing.

… operations will have a new system and time management through the automatic creation of transport orders.

… data synchronization allowing to know the location of the stock in real time.

… new organization in administrative and operational tasks.

How is the project to implement a Warehouse Management System initiated?

Previously there is a research work to get to know the client and thus be able to:

To understand the company’s business model.

Identify difficulties of the current process

To analyze the process from the reception of raw materials to the shipment of the finished product. (Flow, units, packaging, quality controls, seasonality, rotation)

Plan logistic tasks in a pragmatic way by creating specific rules such as locations by families, consumption by FIFO, ….

Guarantee budgets and deadlines

Forecast return on investment

Successful WMS implementation project

The successful implementation of an WMS project will require good coordination and the smooth flow of information. An WMS project is usually strategic to optimize and improve efficiency in the logistics movements of companies, and this can only be achieved by understanding the idiosyncrasies of each company and its character.

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