Integration of the WMS + MES system by Objective in the food industry: a success story in the SME company de Paauw

The food industry is in a constant digital transformation process in which competitiveness is an essential factor, focusing on cost reduction and manufacturing efficiency. The market is increasingly demanding and changing, so the implementation of 4.0 technologies is essential to achieve more flexible and efficient processes.

Since 2016, de Paauw, a Dutch SME company that manufactures industrial bread and pastries, has made a strategic commitment to digitalizing processes through the integration of the MES and WMS system by Objective. Currently the system is the central platform of the company from which all operations and processes are managed and controlled.

De Paauw, with more than 100 employees, manages 4 production lines, warehouses and their own truck fleet. Their daily production of industrial bread and pastries amounts to 300,000 loaves and 1.8 million sandwiches, which they supply to traditional and online supermarkets.

Technological challenge

De Paauw wanted to find a technological solution to the following aspects of their production:

  • Traceability of raw materials and consumption in the production process.
  • Real-time supervision and operations management between departments, people and processes.
  • Real-time monitoring of production.
  • Management of work orders.
  • Automatic generation of tasks and replenishment orders.
  • Digitalization and paperless production.
  • Comply with the legal and audit requirements of the authorities’ control systems.
  • Reporting in real time.
  • Determination and control of the factory OEE.

The solution

To achieve their goals, de Paauw first implemented the Objective WMS system, and later, to achieve full traceability control, they incorporated the MES system. The application of both integrated systems has allowed full traceability in real time from the raw material to the final product, which has led to:

  • Planning of production orders with start, stop and progress record.
  • Raw material allocation based on production planning using the manufacturing logistics engine.
  • HotWired WIP-In locations.
  • LPN buffer functionality in the external raw material warehouse.
  • Consumption records.
  • Replenishment managed and controlled by the system.

The results

By implementing the Objective MES and WMS system, de Paauw managed to achieve their goals of improving efficiency, traceability, quality and competitiveness that they were pursuing. The benefits obtained include:

  • Real-time traceability to meet high regulatory and audit requirements. De Paauw obtained a score of 96.29% in the audit of the International Food Regulations, which gives them a “superior level” rating.
  • Automatic determination of the OEE.
  • A complete overview of the production process.
  • Optimal use of available space thanks to task management and manufacturing logistics engine.
  • Total reliability of the data generated in the processes.

Bakery de Paauw was founded in 1973 in the Netherlands. From a vision based on innovation, they quickly went from being a small bakery to one of the most important manufacturers in the country. Currently their production includes, among others, fresh daily bread, cakes, baked goods and instant products.

Objective International, with more than 23 years of experience, offers standard software solutions for the optimization of production (Manufacturing Execution System) and logistics operations (Warehouse Management System). All factory processes completely transparent and under control, from gate to gate. Objective International is today a leading European Supply Chain Execution supplier within the Manufacturing and Semi- Processing Industry. Objective is part of Germanedge since the end of 2018, an international group of German technology firms who implement innovative Industry 4.0 solutions worldwide.

Geprom Connecting Industries is an innovative and dynamic engineering company, based in Spain and Mexico, dedicated to the development and integration of high added value technological solutions in the field of industry 4.0 and industrial automation. In an environment of maximum collaboration, Geprom together with Objective deal with the transformation of their clients towards the Smart Factory, working strategically to develop new competences on Objective technology.

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