In an environment of maximum collaboration, we establish alliances with the main specialised companies of the sector. Together with our partners we address the transformation of our clients towards Industry 4.0 and factory digitalization, through national and international development projects in the most demanding industrial sectors.

At Geprom we bring together the technical capabilities of our specialists and we incorporate into our services the most advanced technologies, through a selection of first-class partners. Our commitment is based on giving our clients the latest innovations to offer custom-made solutions which are in the technological vanguard.


The Germanedge Group

Power from 5 companies

Geprom collaborates with Germanedge and its companies in the development and integration of software and digitalization solutions, accompanying our clients in their path to Industry 4.0. Germanedge is a business group that brings together leading companies in solutions in the field of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation. As a global supplier, it promotes the digitalization of factories towards highly efficient, intelligent and connected processes.


The essential link in your supply chain

MES + WMS for production and logistics