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  • Production management is based on the methods and techniques used to turn a raw material into a finished product. In other words, it is responsible for the decisions regarding the production processes to ensure the best productivity and efficiency of the plant.This process controls the quality and traceability of the production processes and, at the same time, that of the products produced, thus ensuring a correct result.Translated with (free version)

Functions of industrial production management

Implementing tools that allow end-to-end management, monitoring and control of the production process by obtaining accurate and up-to-date information is essential to be able to make the right decisions and improve the performance of operations.

The main functions of industrial production management are:

  • Advanced production planning
  • Control of warehouse inputs and outputs
  • Work order sequencing
  • Production control
  • Quality and cost control
  • Stock and inventory control
  • Maintenance and replacement of machines

Benefits of industrial production management

The correct implementation of a production management process in your manufacturing plant can offer you a number of benefits. Among these, the main ones identified are the following:

  • Achieve comprehensive coordination of all production processes.
  • Having reliable and updated plant information available for decision making.
  • Achieve greater efficiency and productivity, with savings in costs and production time.
  • Take all necessary measures to eliminate possible obstacles during the production process.
  • Develop alternative plans to deal with any emergency or unforeseen event.
Gestion de la prodiccion

Production management software

For those companies that have a large manufacturing area, it is essential to have software that allows them to manage production. In addition, they can count on the coordination of the production department with all the other departments to guarantee the correct fulfilment of the process.

Implementing production management software will bring the following benefits to your plant:

  • Real-time information useful for production processes.
  • Cross-departmental visibility of information.
  • Increased traceability and reliability of transactions.
  • Reduction in the use of paper.
  • Possibility of managing production from different mobile devices.

At Geprom | Part of Telefónica Tech we have the following software for production management: