APS / SCM system - Planning

ORSOFT is the planning and programming software for production and supply chain management. This platform allows to obtain a flexible and scalable production model.

Software de produccion
Sistema Mes

DDCS / SCADA / MES system - Production

The DCS / SCADA / MES Geprom’s systems are flexible, scalable and modular. They can manage, control and monitor all factory or group of factories processes, products and resources.

QMS system - Quality

The Quality Management software (QDA Solution) is the integral platform for the management, control and advanced planning of quality processes, making easier the complete traceability of the process.


SGA system - Logistic

Objective WMS is a flexible, scalable and modular system that allows to manage, control and optimize in a comprehensive way all the operations and processes of a warehouse.

CMMS system - Maintenance

Getag is a CMMS software (Computer-aided Maintenance Management) for the planning, control and integral management of maintenance department operations.

Gemelo digital en una empresa

Digital Twin

A Digital Twin is a representation and a digital simulation that can predict the different process flows, building a virtual factory or a parallel productive process that can take decisions and correct mistakes before they happen.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance allows us to predict maintenance operations, deciding the precise moment to fix failures and equipment wear. This way we can know the status of all machines and installations and control their proper maintenance at every moment.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

From Geprom we offer a combination between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to give a solution within Industry 4.0. We help you transform your business through intelligent devices that perform sophisticated inferences in the data and algorithm processing.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

At Geprom we offer virtual and augmented reality solutions with several industrial applications, from training and support in work environments to digital twins and prototype validation.