APS and SCM – Advanced planning and production sequencing software

ORSOFT is the software for the advanced planning and scheduling (APS – Advanced Planning Scheduling) and supply chain management (SCM). This platform allows to have a flexible production model, avoiding stock-outs and delays that affects production and customer delivery times.

The system offers high-level solutions to a broad customer base in the industrial sector, including large customers in different business sectors, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The platform creates transparency in all the logistics chain through resource organisation and work assignment with the goal of supporting production plans and decision making in real time.

The platform allows a detailed programming of manufacturing and purchase orders having in mind the stock and material needs, as well as the variables and restrictions that exist in the supply chain. Finally, different production programs can be obtained to be comparable with each other, to choose the one that best fits the company’s needs.

Success of implementation is assured because it integrates rapidly and it is certified for the principal ERP platforms in the market. Currently, this software is used by more than 10,000 users in more than 30 countries in the world.

System functionalities

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  • Planning and following of operations in real time in tables and Gantt chart
  • Demand ranking and forecasting
  • Automatic advanced programmer and sequencer of production with simulation of possible scenarios.
  • Crossed planning SCM of a plant or several production centres.
  • Work order management from the supervisor to the operator in real time.
  • Reporting in real time
Sistema aps
  • Maximum flexibility for automatic sequencing of production orders, changes in planning, adding resources, readjusting jobs, freezing operations, planning unavailable time, etc.
  • Automatic management and configuration of production calendars and shifts to guarantee proper production planning, avoiding delays in deliveries.
  • Management of alarms and alerts, productivity calculations, delivery date recalculations and visualization of workloads.
  • Planning of activities and subcontracting of external suppliers.
  • Inventory optimizer according to demand.

The ideal complement to the main ERP's on the market.

Orsoft is the ideal extension for companies that use SAP ERP / SAP S/4HANA as their standard software and want to go a step further in their production planning and sequencing.

Through integration with the ERP, a copy of the “digital twin” logistics model of the supply chain is created, allowing any type of decision to be simulated within the model. Finally, the decisions are published in the ERP.

ORSOFT is certified for SAP® ERP and SAP S/4HANA, and is an established SAP partner in the field of manufacturing logistics and supply chain management, enhancing existing SAP functionalities with advanced and state-of-the-art planning features.

In addition to SAP, Orsoft is also certified by the main ERP tools in the market such as Microsoft, Oracle, Cerner, etc.


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Increased agility and speed of reaction to unforeseen changes in the production and supply chain thanks to the rapid simulation and creation of production schedules and plans.
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Increase the capacity to optimize processes and resources thanks to the exhaustive knowledge of the real productive capacity.
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Improve in meeting delivery deadlines with the customer.
Great deployment capacity as it is an easy to install and high security multiplant system.
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Excellent compatibility and certified platform with the main ERP’s in the market.
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No risk of integrations since ORSOFT does not change the original implementation processes or the architecture of SAP or other ERP’s.