Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

A step further in the Industry 4.0

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies have become a fundamental part of the Smart Factory due to their advantages in the automation and optimization of processes and tasks, increased productivity and a notable improvement in efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence is applied to the activities and data generated in the factory through algorithms that allow automatic and reliable learning that is introduced in MES/MOM systems and process automation and robotization activities, improving them in all aspects and functionalities.

The use of Artificial Intelligence is an evolution towards predictive maintenance systems, Digital Twin and optimized automation of logistics, quality and robotics processes.

Geprom relies on IT and factory specialists to apply AI to the factory’s production and information processes. Given the complexity of these projects, Geprom’s proposal is to start with a pilot project to ensure that the proposed technology meets expectations and the expected potential.


Digital Twin

Gemelo digital en una empresa

Predictive Maintenance

Advanced Factories 2022

Work Safety

  • Detection of correct use of PPE
  • Industrial access control
  • Automatic access control
  • Automated access system

Operations management and automatization

  • Adjust more efficiently the production schedules and systems by anticipating and forecasting demand through machine learning.
  • Vision systems to identify defects and improve product quality.
  • Optimize logistics routes (inventories, materials, stocks) and AGVs.
  • Automatic adjustment of machines and robots based on continuous learning.

Artificial Intelligence: Benefits


Improved flexibility and productivity of operations.

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Increased customization of products and services.

Automate and improve quality and production processes.

Reduce errors when performing manual tasks and allocations.

Enhance real-time factory management MOM systems.


Increase safety at workstations.