Digital Twin

A Digital Twin is a representation and a digital simulation that can predict the different process flows, building a virtual factory or a parallel productive process that can take decisions and correct mistakes before they happen.

Digital Twins are used throughout the value chain and product lifecycle to simulate, predict, validate and optimise the production system for potential changes without putting production at risk, securing investments in assets in a virtual proving ground.

The main factors to implement a digital twin are the automation of processes, the capture of all data generated by machines, robots, sensors and people for the monitoring and control of production, technologies such as Machine Learning, artificial intelligence or Big Data, and a digital culture with connected people to ensure the success of technology 4.0.

From Geprom, as automation and digital transformation engineers, we combine all these technologies so that the development of the digital twin provides tangible and measurable results quickly.

Digital Twin of production processes

Digital twin of the production lines and all the assets of a production plant or set of factories. Virtualization of the entire production process allows to reduce downtime and idle times and to obtain real-time process information to predict and perform corrective and preventive maintenance. The digital twin has an impact on OEE and key performances that can be measured and validated through simple and scalable reporting.

Gemelo Digital
Gemelo Digital

Logistics flows simulations

Creation of 2D and 3D test fields that combine internal and external logistic elements such as AGV’s, machines, robots, routes and people to obtain the most efficient logistic models possible.

All this taking into account their historical and present behaviours and performances in real time to predict future events and compare past efficiencies.

Digital Twin in the machine or product design

They allow to validate in a virtual environment the efficiency of the product or machine under different scenarios, conditions and variables to ensure its incorporation in the real world. Using tools such as virtual reality, CAD, 3D simulation and data processing and monitoring, we develop digital twins that reduce the prototyping phase and time to market.

Digital Twins: Benefits


Adjust and validate production parameters without introducing changes in the plant.

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Visualization of difficulties and bottlenecks in the production process before they happen.

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Make decisions in real time to avoid production stoppages.

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Reduction of the prototyping phase and time to market.

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Cost reduction with the creation of virtual prototypes without the need to create physical environments.

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Ensure the success of new investments and their return.