SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System

Real-time monitoring, collection and control of data

SCADA (Supervisor, Control and Data Acquisition) systems are tools that facilitate the control of part or all of the factory, interacting with the machines and historicising their data in real time. They allow engineers to monitor and control the production flow more easily.

SCADA consists of a software platform connected to the PLCs and plant actuators. From these, data is extracted for the execution of manufacturing recipes and to capture and historise process variables on a continuous basis. These systems provide a global view of the plant to facilitate more efficient production.

The system is configurable and customisable to the reality of each plant, allowing it to adapt to the needs of each industry and its objectives.

Examples of SCADA Systems

SCADA system functionalities

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Real-time data collection and processing

The SCADA system collects, processes and monitors data in real time to help make better production decisions.

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Remote control of production

The system controls production remotely or via a local network allowing users to interact with the machines from anywhere.


Alarm generation

The SCADA is able to generate alarms, if it detects machine failures or variations in the production process.

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High connectivity

The system provides high connectivity with HMI interfaces, sensors and other industry and database applications.

Applications of SCADA systems

SCADA systems apply to any industrial process, which is why they are a common and standard technology in most industrial sectors. The main advantages lie in the flexibility of the system, the view of the factory status and the monitoring of alarms and warnings. In addition, having a SCADA facilitates the implementation of MOM management systems thanks to the historical database it contains.

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Automotive, Railways, Aerospace
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Heat and Cooling
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Spray painting robot and body part ; close up
Machinery, packaging and mechanics
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Chemical and Petrochemical
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Paper, Ceramics, Wood and Glass
Spools of an industrial sewing machine in a factory, in the background woking a seamstress
Plastic, Textile
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Water Treatment
Power and Energy
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Strawberries on conveyor belt on packing line
Food and Beverages

Benefits of the SCADA system

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Real-time feedback.
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Big Data. It allows a large amount of data to be stored.
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It represents all data graphically in a simple interface.
It manages quality, production and statistical control.
It is a flexible and scalable system with an open architecture.
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Capacity to generate alarms in the event of breakdowns and/or variations in production.
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Remote control of the entire factory production.
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Ability to implement quality control and improvement actions.
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Reduced production and maintenance costs.