Implementation of the MES Objective system in ScioTeq


Success Case SCIOTEQ



  • Improve the company’s overall competitiveness in the market by integrating software that would allow them to plan, control and manage production and operations digitally.
  • Reduce high costs due to administrative errors, non-compliance with standard processes, quality problems, etc.
  • Reducehighcosts duetoadministrativeerrors,non-compliancewithstandard processes, quality problems, etc .


  • Conducting consulting sessions to identify the scope of the project in the field of Industry 4.0 and the linkage of the MES system with their current processes and ERP system.
  • Complete integration of the MES Objective System. From data capture on the plant floor to fault and downtime detection and automatic OEE control.


  • Information available on screens and PC panels in real time of the production process: Work instructions, manufacturing orders, information on materials and components, register of non-conformities, etc.
  • Thanks to the interaction with the ERP all design changes, instructions and due dates are immediately passed on to the operators and supervisors on the production floor.
  • In-plant data capture with high availability of reliable data and production monitoring.
  • Digitization of production and greater quality control of operations.
  • Dashboards and customized reports based on the production department.

“AtScioTeqwe have a bright future ahead of us. Partly due to the integration ofMes Objectiveinto ouroperations management.

Tom Van Canegem

Manufacturing Manager

Integración realizada con nuestro Partner Objective