Integrated Operations Management (MES/MOM)


Success Case SEAT



  • Acquire data directly from robots, machines, PLCs, servers and other systems automatically and merge it with manual data from operators.
  • Monitoring, management and control of production in real time of the sheet metal and assembly facilities.
  • Significant improvements in key process factors: availability, transparency, traceability and efficiency.


  • Turnkey project using the Legato Sapient SCADA/MES system, including:
  • Configuration, visualization and parameterization of the system in the installations.
  • Fully customizable and editable reporting.
  • Specific integrated applications: TPM, Alarms, histograms, etc.
  • Scalable platform open to new developments: Digital Twin, BI, Machine learning, etc.
  • Training and production support 24X7.


The following benefits have been achieved with the implementation of the MES/MOM system:

  • Increased OEE and cost reduction.
  • Digitization of more than 40 million tickets and reduction of paper in thefactory.
  • Increased transparency and increased data reliability.
  • Promotion of a digital culture: factory, people and technology connected.
  • More than 600 installations, 1000 robots, 350 AGVs and 800 PLCs monitored.

Press Release

The path to Industry 4.0 is itself a process of digital, personal, social and economic transformation. Our environment is changing and evolving at an ever faster pace. Automation and digital solutions are the key factors for more competitive, flexible and intelligent production environments.