Legato MES system for order and filling line control




  • Improve production downtime.
  • Increase order reliability with the introduction of a local system.
  • All these improvements are applied on the filling lines to achieve high system availability.


  • Packages and shipment preparation were controlled by the central SAP system via transport orders. A bi-directional interface with iDocs (XML file exchange between SAP PI and Legato via “http post”) was implemented in Legato.
  • The Legato MES terminal (HTML-5 application) supports server-based interfaces to the Legato web server (the HTML-5 application is also loaded here), as well as local interfaces for the connection of peripheral devices, such as a USB printer and various scanners.


  • High-availability data environment for production with fewer outages.
  • An easy-to-use interface at the workstation.
  • High flexibility for functional expansions (e.g. the planned expansion of “Tracking & Tracing”).


Integration done by our Partner Gefasoft