MES Objective – Production Monitoring and OEE Improvement


Success Case LA LORRAINE



  • Reduce downtimes, quantify them and determine the reasons.
  • Control the baking lines in real time to achieve constant production.


  • Implementation of the MES Objectivesystem along the entire bakingline.
  • Specific application for the automatic detection of stoppages.
  • Installation and parameterization of a display visualization systembased on the OEE.


The following benefits have been achievedwith the implementation of the MES/MOM system:

  • Significant increase in the productivity of each line.
  • Real-time OEE knowledge.
  • Reduction of production time by identifying and resolving the reasons for stoppages.

“We have a real-time view of efficiency on the shop floor with the MES Objective system.”

Marc Vanherpe

Chief Operating Officer

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