MES Objective system integration at milk manufacturer





  • Properly manage the unloading and loading of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products and ensure the maintenance of records and data generated in the process.
  • To guarantee the achievement of the following objectives in 2 of the 4 factories:
    • A transparent, controllable and more efficient production process
    • Recording/documentation of the production process and articles.
    • Digitization in the factory and paper reduction in the factory.
    • Minimizing errors (automatic line adjustments, operator task, etc.)


  • MES Objective system integration including:
    • Control of the raw material before the start of production
    • Exclude production start before all setup instructions in the MES have been executed
    • Automatic article-based machine control
    • Consumption/performance logging in the powder production process and on
    • Sampling and inspections
    • Tracking and tracing.
  • SLS: Site Logistics System.
    • The SLS records receipts and shipments for SAP/ERP and also provides the MES with detailed information on inventory adjustments. Trucks arriving for unloading/loading are guided to the correct dock after entering the receiving number via a specific strategy linked to the receiving item.


  • Improvement and understanding of production and raw material consumption shortcomings
  • Optimization of quality control right from the start of the production process
  • Detailed analysis of production failures and quality losses
  • Extensive traceability from ingredients to delivery of the outgoing item

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