MES Objective system integration at Oetker


Success Case OETKER



  • Implementation of a real-time MES software in order to measure the existing OEE for five packaging lines within Dr. Oetker Netherlands.
  • Increase confidence in the accuracy of the data and information collected.
  • Optimal data control and transparency within the existing production line.


  • A proof of concept was used to demonstrate the applicability of the MES Objective system.
  • Based on a positive evaluation of this proof of concept, it was decided to install new sensors, an interface to the lines and the full implementation of the OEE module.


  • During the pilot test, the investment costs were considerably reduced.
  • High reliability of data related to the OEE of the packaging lines.
  • The analysis of the results is fast and reliable and the data is now obtained in real time and used efficiently.

“Proactively deploying a pilot test of the MES Objective system allowed us to verify the reduction of unnecessary costs to a minimum and allowed us to assess the investment in detail.”

Michael Schubert

Dr. Oetker

Integration realised with our Partner Objective