MES Objective system integration in Paniflower




  • Invest in consistent standardized quality (essential for the efficient operation of the production process).
  • Accurate cost calculation.
  • Need to have a system that would allow them to control the production and, to a lesser extent, the logistics from the wheat producer to the final trade.


  • The MES Objective system includes the functionalities required by the project:
    • Tracking and tracing.
    • Facilitate the calculation of costs
    • KPIs for factory performance.
    • Warehouse and logistics management.
    • Phased implementation (step-by-step start of functions).


  • All data is available for accurate cost calculation and evaluation.
  • Accurate tracking and tracing of the different qualities and blends.
  • Monitoring of system performance (OEE).

“We can control the cost price and quality of our products in detail thanks to MES Objective.”

Ronny Verhé

Plant Manager

Integration made by our Partner Objective