MES Objective system integration in Pedeo


Success Case PEDEO



  • Automation is part of the growth strategy: tracking productivity data, faults and downtime.
  • Improve the monitoring of the different parameters of the production process. Reliable process parameters such as temperatures and pressures are the basis for manufacturing high-quality die castings.
  • Shorter flow times in production.


  • Implementation of the MES Objective system, where:
    • Product and production information (e.g. documentation, manuals, etc.) is clear and visible on the shop floor.
    • The related extensive paper bureaucracy is avoided (paperless production).
    • Optimal production planning is generated.
    • A 360 degree view of the entire production is created.


  • Improved quality (through improved process parameters, clarity of operator instructions and controls)
  • Lower costs (faster conversion times and fewer failures and downtime)

“I can guarantee a reliable price, delivery time and quality thanks to Objective’s MES system”.

Piet D’Haeyer

Managing Director

Integration realised with our Partner Objective