MES + SGA Objective in Modiform


Success Case MODIFORM



  • End-to-End implementation: reception, production and shipping.
  • Monitoring of the actual consumption of raw materials.
  • Real-time tracking of progress, quality and consumption by production order.
  • Reduction of logistic transactions.
  • Knowledge of the stock in real time.
  • Reduce paper flows and manual operations.


  • Implementation of the EMS in Roosendaal, Leusden and Scherpenzeel.
  • Integration with SAP as ERP.
  • Implementation of MES Objective in Roosendaal and deployment of MES in Leusden and Scherpenzeel in 2021.
  • Integration with process automation in Roosendaal.
  • Rollout in Wormhout in 2021.


  • 100% traceability from door to door.
  • Transaction management.
  • Recording of actual consumption.
  • Direct knowledge of stock and location.
  • Positive impact on internal and external customers.
  • Significant reduction in the number of errors.
  • Complete overview of production and quality progress.
  • Reliable information in real time.

“The collaboration with Objective is very enjoyable. The combination of Objective’s technical solution and Modiform’s expertise has led to new ideas and developments that we now see again in the new version of Objective.”

Jochem Oomens

SupplyChain Manager

Integration made by our Partner Objective