WMS- Intelligent billet warehouse management system


Success Case CELSA



  • Adaptation, installation, configuration and start-up of an Intelligent Billets Management System (SGPI).
  • System integration with current SAP with bi-directional communication to synchronize production orders.
  • Optimization of crane movements in real time based on the data obtained.
  • Complete management of billet storage.


  • Evaluation consultancy to propose the solution that best suits the needs.
  • Implementation of the WMS system and its integration with SAP.


  • Parameterizable, flexible and global solution extrapolable to other production plants.
  • Obtaining a management system that assigns tasks optimally and comprehensively.
  • Reduction of response times to incidents.
  • Improved decision making by obtaining information in real time.
  • Customized reports.
  • Consumption and demand analysis based on production orders.