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Production control is the process of reviewing and regulating all production processes to ensure the highest quality of production.

Production control will bring a number of benefits to your plant.

  • Smooth production processes
  • Reduction of unexpected errors
  • Optimisation of production
  • Control of production costs
  • Control of schedule adherence.

Real-time production monitoring.

Moreover, real-time production control will multiply these benefits, from real-time data collection to waste management.

  • Real-time data collection

Real-time production control will provide insight into all scheduled and realised times during production processes.

In addition, it will also allow the operators to know the targets to be achieved at all times and to see how they are developing in real time.

For superiors, real-time production control will be very useful as they will have access to the figures of quantities being produced, workers’ records, expected and unexpected events, among many other data.

  • Stoppage prevention

Thanks to real-time production monitoring, all operators have the possibility to monitor deviations in the production process as quickly as possible. In this way, they are able to anticipate breakdowns or unexpected downtimes.

  • Waste management

By controlling the production, every operator can be aware of how many unusable products are being produced, know why, anticipate, optimise, etc.

Production control software