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The importance of a functional analysis prior to a MES/MOM project

When undertaking a project to implement a MES/MOM system, it is always advisable to carry out a functional analysis that details the needs of a production plant.

Correctly defining these needs is a vitally important task, as this document will be the guide that defines the scope of the implementation and its methodology.

In this phase, each element involved in the value chain is carefully analysed, from the machinery, the operators or the existing solutions and/or systems.

It is also important to understand the current state of the industry and to be able to discern the specificities of both the sector and the plant itself. Seeing how other companies face their digitalisation can give us clues to see the opportunities that exist in our own company.

In order to develop a correct analysis, it is essential to first understand the physical process and its flows so that these are correctly defined at the digital level. This is why we should not rely on a list of standard key points, but we must be able to understand the idiosyncrasies of each company in order to capture its spirit and from there, we must take into account the total integration in the plant. From the capture of physical signals in the plant, its integration with MES/MOM systems, the propagation of information in all areas of architecture, etc.

In case the company uses multiple management systems, they should be linked or talk to each other. We cannot conceive of a good digital transformation plan based on a software island format. The production plant must be part of the overall system and always be up to date at the latest level.

Likewise, users must be able to work in the same interface regardless of the task they are carrying out and with the ease of being able to find the data source they need at any given moment. At this point it is also necessary to trace the routes taken by the operators and see what actions they carry out.

In conclusion, a prior analysis is a key requirement for the successful implementation of a MES/MOM system. Assessing all the options, needs and resources available to the production plant makes it easier for the project to become a true digital transformation for the company, and to provide the desired benefits that such systems offer.

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