The industry 4.0 democratizes the ‘just in time’

The magazine of the business group Secartys, in its publication number 30, showed Geprom as an example of democratization of industry 4.0 with the article “Control production in real time to make the best decisions”. Next, we have the pleasure of showing the complete article:

Control production in real time to make the best decisions

The Industry 4.0 democratizes the ‘just in time’

The ‘just in time’ is not a new concept. Since a long time ago it is part of our day to day lives. It has helped us to reduce inventories and free up financial resources, with the result of: minimizing production costs and, in general terms, objectifying the ‘reduction of waste’. These are processes that involve the generation of a large volume of data, which only some digital transformation solutions can manage.

Forty years ago, the ‘just in time’ imposed its ‘dictatorship’ on the business environment of large organizations, and now the Industry 4.0 revolution is democratizing that method. It is not very appropriate to speak in these terms, but that’s how it is.

If we jump back to the present we realize that in the middle of the 4th Industrial Revolution, to speak of ‘just in time’ and Industry 4.0 is to assume the freedom to mobilize in the era of true digital transformation. What happens is that the digital transformation is landing in the industry generating changes in production processes and commitments in companies’ management. New automatisms and sensors allow us to obtain in a short amount of time more timely information of the different phases of production in our factories.

These data need to be processed and validated by efficient monitoring systems capable of maintaining all systems online, without generating delays in the delivery of information.

The powerful MES systems (‘Manufacturing Execution Systems’) provide solutions capable of managing millions of records per day and represent information in an easy and intuitive way to those in charge of the decision-making.

These systems can monitor machines, databases, third-party programs and even people, and must be prepared to generate Big Data environments, which offer the capabilities of predictive models of both maintenance and production.

Therefore, we must incorporate them into new generation networks that support connectivity with the capabilities and speeds demanded by the new demands of the digital transformation, with cloud services, which not only allow us to access the systems at any time and place, but also give us immediate response times.

The analysis of large amounts of data to extract and give value to information, whose maximum exponent is artificial intelligence and cognitive analytics, together with automated and robotized production, become responsible for the results of autonomous manufacturing on demand.

The monitoring systems manage the traceability, efficiency, quality, times of each cycle, energy efficiency, maintenance and even daily meetings, focused on a fully digital environment and with remote connection capacity for a greater transfer of information.

Although, perhaps, one of the most demanded technologies is the one that incorporates a powerful module of Business Intelligence, where the user experience is to be able to analyze the status of an installation without losing sight of the environment where it is located. This is what we call 360° vision, which means adding the self-service option to the analysis capabilities, in which the user is able to create control panels, according to their needs, which can then easily be shared with their work team (all this, in addition, without prior knowledge of programming).

The magic of these systems depends in large part on the integration teams and consultants, who are able to validate and guarantee that the information represented is a real fact.

In this environment, the ‘just in time’ reminds us that its original nature is directly related to the efficiency of production.


Read the whole magazine (in Spanish):

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