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The power of visualisation through SCADA/MES/MOM platforms

MOM platforms allow us to manage all the operations of a production process, from the input of raw materials to the output of the final product. Millions of data are generated throughout the product lifecycle from machines, processes and people that MOM platforms are capable of capturing. In this scenario, we must be able to go a step further, being able to visualise them in an immediate “real time” way, and in a simple way for all information managers, from operators to managers and management.


MOM platforms allow us to visualise processes correctly. The visualisation has to be “friendly” and agile and among other aspects should cover the following considerations and functionalities:


  • Use of Gantt charts for visualisation of planning and sequencing of orders.
  • 2D 3D visualisation of machines, robots, AGVs, persons, etc.
  • Creation of dashboards with real-time and historical data in graphical form along with key performance indicators.
  • Have indicators such as OEE, availability, breakdowns, ok parts, not ok parts, etc.
  • Generation of reportings that allow the creation, display and export of reports, visualising them from any type of device.
  • Visualise and manage the stock of raw materials, intermediate products and finished products in an optimised way.
  • Representation of non-conformities.
  • Use of Business Intelligence for the visual exploitation of data.
  • Alerts and warnings simultaneously connected to ERP, Smartwatch and other devices.

In short, proper data visualisation will help you identify opportunities to improve your production process and interpret large data sets in real time.

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