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The MES system is an integral software that monitors, controls and manages the manufacturing process of a product from the raw material to the finished product. It forms a functional layer between the ERP and the systems for the control of all production processes. In this way, it obtains and provides the necessary information in real time to decision-makers to influence critical points and make the plant more efficient, optimising production.

To which types of companies can a Mes System be applied?

Mes software can be applied to any industrial sector. Although there are sectors where it is more common to implement an MES system, it is software that can be adapted to the demands of anyone who needs it.

We contextualise it, using the example of the SEAT Martorell factory, which produces a large number of cars per year. In fact, it is the plant that produces the most cars in Spain. This makes their production complex and at the same time requires to be exhaustively controlled, as a factory stoppage or a breakdown represents a great loss of profit. Using conventional methods, a production of such magnitudes would be impossible to control, which is why Geprom has implemented an MES system.

Other factories such as Celsa, dedicated to the metallurgical sector, have a very varied production. This means that it is likely that, in one or more processes, they are working with different products at the same time. Having a control system that helps to visualise and manage each of these processes, raw materials, and stock, is of great necessity.

The advantage of this software is its ability to be customised according to the needs of each business and the fact that it is a scalable system that can grow as your business grows.

Although there is no industrial sector to which we cannot apply a mes system, we can affirm that it will depend on the type of plant, its size and the type of production to be developed.

At Geprom, we have carried out multiple projects implementing a Mes System. The sectors in which we have worked the most are automotive, food and beverage, manufacturing, logistics, pharmaceutical and energy. However, we see each project as unique, so the sector is not the most important thing when it comes to the project, but rather the type of production.

If you want to take your factory towards the Smart Factory and benefit from the advances of Industry 4.0, Geprom can help you.

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