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As the international market has become increasingly globalised, companies have been forced to adapt to the consequences. The pandemic has also affected businesses, requiring them to deploy resources and efforts to evolve as demand evolves.

This has created many problems for the logistics sector, which has had to satisfy end-customers by providing better service and ensuring good quality deliveries.

This is why companies need to have a good logistics system that allows them to offer a good service, which is why they require a logisticstechnology consultancy.

consultoría de logística

What is logistics consultancy?

Logistics consultancy translates as a team of professionals, experts in identifying weak points and/or areas for improvement in logistics processes. They also look for strengths, best practices and possible improvements to help the business become more efficient.

They also manage warehouse logistics and provide a traceability service to increase the reliability of deliveries.

What is logistics consultancy?

Logistics consultancy can be divided into 3 parts.

The first thing to be carried out, as the name suggests, is a consultancy. This is personalised advice in order to optimise processes and costs, keeping these two elements in the best possible balance.

It is in this phase that possible scenarios are analysed and new resources or more efficient applications are proposed.

The second phase is based on the company’s operations. Some factories have to meet high seasonal demand, so a consultancy may be able to offer agile responses to meet the specific needs of the moment. Even so, companies that have a permanent demand can optimise their routes, and improve the customer experience, all thanks to analysis.

Finally, from a consultancy, you can look for new opportunities to expand your customer base and even build customer loyalty.

Benefits of logistics consulting

Good logistics consultancy allows you to reduce costs in the short and long term. It will improve the quality of service by helping you match supply with demand so that you will be able to satisfy your entire customer base.

In addition, it can also identify how to reduce the environmental impact in order to produce in a more sustainable way.

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