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Geprom reconocida como empresa asesora acreditada de ACCIÓ

  • The Agency for Business Competitiveness in Catalonia, ACCIÓ, announces the grants for the Coupon Programmes for Business Competitiveness 2020. The maximum aid is 8,000 euros (in diagnosis) and 20,000 euros (in implementation).
  • Geprom is a company accredited by ACCIÓ in the RIS3CAT sectorial area of Industry 4.0, in the categories: strategy, technology, operations and organisation.

The Department of Enterprise and Knowledge of the Generalitat de Catalunya announced yesterday the creation of the new programme ProACCIÓ 4.0 with the aim of promoting the transformation of Catalan SMEs towards industry 4.0. The programme includes subsidies in the form of coupons for digital transformation initiatives. The objective of the Coupons for Industry 4.0 is to grant aid for the contracting of innovation services and the implementation of technologies from industry 4.0 to improve the products, services or processes of the company. They can be exchanged for one of the following services:

  • Industry 4.0 diagnosis coupon: a diagnosis that allows the identification of improvement opportunities that help companies to incorporate new technologies and make a strategic, organisational and cultural change towards industry 4.0 by establishing transformation plans.

Maximum aid: 8,000 euros.

  • Industry 4.0 implementation coupon: integration and testing of technologies from industry 4.0, carrying out pilot tests and access to technological infrastructures, facilities or unique architectures.

Maximum aid of 20,000 euros.

Projects supported may be implemented until 30 November 2021. The beneficiary company may receive up to a maximum of two vouchers, provided that one of them is the Industrial Property Voucher or the Tax Voucher (within the Innovation and Strategy Vouchers).

From Geprom, as a supplier company accredited by ACCIÓ, we help you to accelerate your industrial projects and take advantage of this excellent opportunity, both from the point of view of diagnosis and the implementation of a pilot test.

Marc Álvarez, head of industry 4.0 projects at Geprom, is the ACCIÓ-accredited consultant in the RIS3CAT sector of Industry 4.0. With more than 10 years of experience in the sector, Marc has managed Industry 4.0 projects in various sectors such as the automotive, food, metallurgical, etc. These projects range from consultancy to the implementation of Smart Factory enabling technologies: MES systems, WMS, digital twin, virtual and augmented reality, among others. Furthermore, it has developed and collaborated in new business initiatives with German partners and has managed international projects in Mexico and Portugal.