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Digitalisation in industry is the process of converting analogue processes, human processes and physical objects into digital ones. In other words, the transmission of data from the real world to the virtual world.

Ultimately, digitisation in industry is based on encouraging greater use of machines to ensure better product quality and greater efficiency and productivity.

Digitisation of industrial processes: Benefits

Boosting the digitisation of your production plant operations will bring numerous benefits to your production processes. From a reduction in paper consumption to an increase in the efficiency of your plant, it will bring you everything from a reduction in paper consumption to an increase in the efficiency of your plant.

Here are some of the benefits of digitising industrial processes.

  • Process automation
  • Access to documents from any device
  • Paper reduction
  • Cost optimisation
  • Increased security and protection of your documents
  • Greater optimisation of productivity
  • Time reduction
  • Reduction of human errors

Therefore, the digitisation of industrial processes is about capturing as much information as possible, transferring and analysing data and having the ability to make decisions in real time.

digitalización de la industria

Digitisation process

Industrial digitalisation involves following a series of steps before being installed in your company, these are the following.

  1. Analysis of the current situation

It will be essential to know where the company is and what needs it has. Being aware of the processes necessary to optimise your production will allow you to implement the best industrial digitalisation solution.

Geprom | Part of Telefónica Tech offers a technological consultancy service to diagnose the digital transformation and industrial automation needs of the company.

  1. Choosing the right software

Once the needs of the company and the solution required are known, a choice must be made between the different varieties of software to choose from. From Geprom | Part of Telefónica Tech we offer the different options:

  1. Software implementation

Once you have selected the software that best suits your company’s needs, it will be implemented in your production plant and you can start to see the benefits of digitising industrial processes.

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