CMMS – Computer Aided Maintenance Management

GeTag is a CMMS (Computer Aided Maintenance Management) software for the planning, control and comprehensive management of all maintenance department operations.

GeTag is designed to facilitate daily maintenance activities and decision making in real time in an efficient way, avoiding unscheduled shutdowns and breakdowns. In the same way, it is a software that allows the management of the factory’s assets and shopfloor, as well as all the elements related to the production process (machines, people, failures, spare parts, etc.).

Knowing the level of maintenance required for our facilities will allow us to develop the necessary plans to control operations. Through GeTag you will be able to control the management of maintenance plans with your suppliers, technical staff, subcontractors and customers. All the data generated is visualized through reports with graphs and statistics fully editable and customizable in real time.

To go a step further in maintenance, GeTag is fully compatible with predictive and advanced analytics technologies. Geprom can integrate these technologies into the GeTag CMMS to complete the maintenance plan through preventive, corrective and predictive operations.

System functionalities

  • Real-time monitoring, management and control of assets (sensors, machines, robots, energy consumption, etc.).
  • Inventory management and control in the warehouse: inputs and outputs, locations, spare parts, orders and purchases.
  • Management and control of internal and external subcontracting costs.
  • Planning and scheduling of preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Digitalization of tasks and automatic planning of work orders.
  • Digitalization of forms and checklists.
  • Management and analysis of breakdowns and shutdowns in real time.
  • Workstation document manager, manuals, reporting, etc.
  • KPI’s, OEE productivity indicators, statistics and customized reports.
  • Analysis of costs associated with maintenance and subcontracting.
  • Can be integrated with RFID systems, TAG tags, NFC, etc.
  • Human resources management: clocking, calendars, production shifts and operator portal.
  • Web platform fully integrable and connected in real time with ERP, MES, WMS, etc. systems.
  • System prepared for predictive maintenance developments.



Reduce maintenance management costs.


Reduce failures, repairs, breakdowns and downtime.


Increase staff efficiency and safety.

Grupo 724

Digitize document management and reduce the use of paper in the factory.


Standardization and homologation of maintenance tasks.

Grupo 728

Increase the useful life and productivity of assets.


Improve inventory management.


Secure and reliable real-time data for the entire department.


System prepared to incorporate advanced analytics and predictive maintenance.