Industrial Outsourcing – OT/IT

Industrial Outsorcing continues to grow at the enterprise level

Our industrial outsourcing services are focused on digital transformation and industrial automation projects that allow companies to have people, equipment and infrastructure to cover their outsourcing needs in the areas of maintenance, production, quality and logistics, both onsite and remotely.

Our IT services allow Geprom’s technologies and platforms to work permanently in high availability and to be always up to date in the face of technological changes. There are different possibilities of service levels adapted to the needs and requirements of each client.

Our services

We have a team of technicians and a service infrastructure with consolidated experience in the industrial sector and focused on new “Smart Factory” technologies.

With a practical, close and honest approach, we form part of the client’s team to achieve maximum efficiency in operations, reducing efforts, time and resources and focusing internal activities on those tasks that generate the most added value for the business.

Technicians and teams specialised in Industry 4.0.

Remote and/or on-site teams and technicians.

Consultants implemented and monitoring.

Specialists in 4.0 technologies: MES system, WMS, SCADA, Digital Twin, etc.

IT Services

Tailor-made service contracts (SLA): 24×7, 8×5, etc.

Helpdesk and customised remote services.

Software updates.

Process automation equipment

Specialists in electrical design, electrical installations, communication networks, etc.

Facility maintenance services.

Industrial project management.

Technical teams for maintenance and start-up in production plants.

Specialists in PLC and robot programming.