Technology consulting

The first step towards Industry 4.0

Our consulting services are focused on digital transformation and industrial automatization projects that allow companies to have a diagnosis and a roadmap that designs the phases, technologies, systems and digital culture to ensure that processes and business models are oriented towards Industry 4.0 and operational excellence.

We have a team with recognised experience in the industrial sector and specialised in new “Smart Factory” technologies. With a practical, close and honest approach, we collaborate from the diagnosis of the degree of technological maturity to the implementation and evaluation of the proposed solutions.

Consulting typology

Grupo 504

Integral consultancy in industry 4.0

Maintenance, logistics, production, quality and systems.

Icono tipología de consultoría digital

Design of digital transformation plans.

SMEs and big companies in the main industrial sectors.


Training and digital culture

We facilitate the digital transformation of organisations in which all the agents involved participate to achieve a true digital change.

Icono visibilidad e implantación del proyecto de consultoría

Project visibility and implementation

Financial viability studies, study of tax and financial incentives to achieve the success of the project.

From diagnostic to implementation

Diagnostic of
the identification of

The degree of progress of automation systems, platforms and data architecture is evaluated to evaluate the competitive position of the processes based on the sector to which they belong. Opportunities for improvement are identified and an analysis of OEE and production potential is performed.

Action plan and
proposal for technology
and systems

Thanks to the first phase, solutions ranging from shop floor solutions to the adaptation of software systems and superior technologies such as digital twinning or predictive maintenance are proposed that best fit the operational objectives.

monitoring and evaluation
of results

Geprom as an integrating engineering company has the capacity to do the proposed turnkey project, being able to directly evaluate the solutions proposed in the consultancy phase, evaluate the results obtained and define the next steps.

Success stories


Icono de Consultoría digital - Transformación Road map
Roadmap with the technologies that enable maximum efficiency in production.
Icono KPIs - Consultoría industrial
Definition of concrete objectives and measurable follow-up KPIs aligned with the company’s strategy.
Icono Reduce el riesgo con la consultoría
Reduction of the risk of failure of new investments.