DCS – SCADA – MES – Manufacturing Execution System

Monitoring, control and comprehensive management of operations in real time

At Geprom we are specialists in the integration and development of MES solutions for the main industrial sectors. We have the most advanced technologies in the market, from data capture and process monitoring to the management, control and integral digitalization of operations.

MES systems are the backbone of the digitalisation of operations, as they provide full interconnectivity at all levels of the factory: shop floor (machines, robots, automation systems, AGV’s, etc.), people, departments and higher-level systems (ERPs).

Geprom’s platforms are fully modular and can work independently, acquiring a month system that will allow to continue growing according to the client’s needs and guaranteeing an optimal control of the production, traceability, planning and maintenance of a factory or a group of factories simultaneously. Oriented to production execution, they are of maximum ulility for plant operators, plant managers or production managers.

All process data is collected and stored in real time and converted into customized reports, allowing you to evaluate overall process efficiency (OEE), machine status and improve decision making.

Success stories

Create a data-driven culture in your factory.

Enable all levels of your factory to make decisions with confidence using real-time information. Adaptable and configurable functionalities for SMEs and large companies of any industrial sector.


Data capture and monitoring

Automatic real-time collection and control of data generated in the factory (machines, sensors, PLC, robots, scales, AGV’s, etc.).


Reliable information in real time

Transformation of Big Data into secure and useful data for decision making.


Digitalization of the factory

Paperless production and document management of departments, people and assets.


Integrated production management

Total control of operations: Planning, sequencing of orders and parameters, traceability, quality, maintenance, etc.


Centralized information in a single solution

Maximum availability of information from any place and device (PC, control rooms, industrial clocks, wearables, etc).


Full integration with existing systems

Integration with production systems and with any ERP in the market. Fast and simple, without the need for large investments in hardware and software.


Results measurement and reporting

Editable reports and customization of KPIs for production, costs, OEE, deviations, productivity, breakdowns, consumption, etc.


New developments and continuous improvement

Digital Twin, Machine Learning, blockchain, business intelligence, etc.

Modular solutions for a global and fast view of operations.

Select the modules that best suit the needs of your industrial plant.

Management module

  • Production monitoring and control: machines, robots, AGVs, production lines, etc.
  • Machine and equipment status: shrinkage, breakdowns, speeds, downtime records, etc.
  • Control and analysis of loading and idle times, manufactured units and speeds per work shift, per line or per workshop, etc.
  • Management and execution of manufacturing orders, fully parameterizable based on the status of the production process and ERP information.
  • Management and control of recipes, quantities by lines and work centres.
  • Management of operators by profiles, roles and work centres.
  • Productive HR management: clockings, identification of operations, presence control, etc.
  • Documentary management of manuals, procedures, etc.
  • Reporting and analysis of the most used indicators: OEE, availability, quality, performance, etc.
  • Visualization of production through PC panels, operator terminals, HMI screens, control rooms, etc.
  • Generation of graphs in BI format, fully editable and configurable.

Planning module

  • Planning and sequencing of work orders for each work centre, production line, machine, etc.
  • Visualization of workload and production planning in real time through GANTT diagrams, KPI graphs, etc.
  • Real-time deviation detection and automatic reorganization of tasks and production flows to avoid delays.
  • Real-time inventory management and inventory optimizer.
  • Planning of activities and subcontracting of external suppliers.
  • Maximum flexibility for automatic sequencing of production orders, changes in planning, adding resources, readjusting jobs, freezing operations, planning unavailable time, etc.
  • Management and configuration of production schedules and shifts to ensure proper production planning, avoiding delays and deliveries.
  • Management of alarms and alerts, productivity calculations, delivery date recalculations and visualization of workloads.
  • Module fully connected and validated in the main ERP systems in the market (Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, SAGE, etc).

Traceability module

  • Graphic and intuitive process traceability control of all stages of the process, from raw material input to finished product.
  • Real-time recording of all process data in a secure way: batches, quantities, dates, operators involved, etc.
  • Visualization and uploading to the MES of all the information generated in the process in real time, from the operator to the management: codes, batch references, products, units manufactured and consumed, etc.
  • Integrate the captured information with other systems such as ERP or WMS.
  • Automatic generation and printing of editable and personalized labels with process data.
  • Connection with multiple devices and installations: liquid filling machines, scales, automatic palletizing, RFID readers, NFC tags, QR Codes, Datamatrix, etc.
  • Compliance with the main industrial standards.

Quality module

  • Integración total con el módulo de producción para activar de forma automática los controles de calidad conforme a los estándares establecidos (peso, medidas, temperatura, etc).
  • Comprehensive quality self-monitoring plan throughout the life cycle of operations, including APQP methodology and support, Failure and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Part Approval Process (PPAP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), among others.
  • Data acquisition for automatic recording of manufacturing and quality parameters through connection with sensors, machines, scales, machine vision, measuring systems, welding and assembly processes, etc.
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC).
  • Digital management of alerts, alarms, non-conformities and 8D reports in a simple and intuitive way.
  • Quality management in the supply chain with suppliers.
  • Elimination of paper in the factory: digitalization of forms and checklist records for operators.
  • Laboratory information management systems (LIMS).
  • Compliance with industry regulations and authorities.
  • Real-time visualization and reporting of quality processes.

TPM-CMMS maintenance module

  • Real-time monitoring, management and control of assets (sensors, machines, robots, energy consumption, etc.).
  • Management and control of internal and external subcontracting costs.
  • Planning and scheduling of preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Planning and scheduling of preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Digitalization of tasks and automatic planning of work orders.
  • Digitalization of forms and checklists.
  • System prepared for predictive maintenance developments.
presentación datos Geprom

Digital whiteboard module

  • Digital shift tracking meetings.
  • With the help of the digital production board, information on production (MES), employees (HR), shift events (breakdowns, quality), corrective actions and much more is continuously recorded and made globally available to operators and all shop floor personnel.

Market leading MES / MOM System Solutions

As a Germanedge partner, Geprom is recognised as an expert in the implementation of MES/MOM systems that guarantees the highest quality in the execution of industrial projects. Through Legato Sapient MES, we manage all factory processes comprehensively with a high degree of transparency, reducing costs, improving efficiency and increasing traceability and manufacturing quality.

As partners of Objective, Geprom obtains a high level in the implementation of MES + WMS systems. Through the combination of MES + WMS we achieve a comprehensive end-to-end management of the manufacturing and logistics processes, from raw materials to the end customer.


Total control of production in real time with reliable production data.
Mejora sustancial en la toma de decisiones
Substantial improvement in decision making.
Grupo 1335
Reduction of production times (breakdowns, stoppages, etc.) and downtime.
Grupo 1321
Increased transparency in production.
Costes Mantenimiento
Substantial cost reduction and increased efficiency (OEE).
Grupo 1342
Continuous improvement of production processes.
Grupo 1338
Manual data collection.


Grupo 1344
Reduction of paper forms and document loss.


Grupo 767
Downtime or waiting time


Grupo 1343
Lead times


Grupo 1328
Defect rate


Grupo 1341
Stock and inventories