Industrial Automatization

Get more from your production

At Geprom we understand industrial automatization as the key factor that allows companies to start preparing their processes for digital transformation.

Our experience, commitment and closeness to customers and our commitment to quality have allowed us to carry out projects for SMEs and large companies in the most demanding industrial sectors.

The current production scenario is undergoing a revolution both globally and locally. Companies’ requirements are increasing and require more flexible and scalable production processes.

Process automatization makes companies much more competitive. This quality and flawless production allows industries to compete much more effectively in the markets and within their own industrial sector.

Customized activity areas for each industrial challenge

We are present in all the value chain, focusing our activities on engineering, simulation, manufacturing, assembly, programming, commissioning and maintenance of facilities. Thanks to the collaboration of all areas, we are able to realise projects ranging from specific tailor-made projects to large-scale projects.

We combine the most advanced technologies and equipment with a team of industrial experts to offer integral solutions at electrical, mechanical and programming level.

Engineering and simulation

  • Design of the production process and the necessary equipment.
  • Study of hardware and software needs.
  • Electrical design with the most used industrial platforms (E-plan, AutoCad, among others).
  • 3D simulation of robotic processes.
  • Layouts of elements and measurements.
  • Specifications of equipment, lot elements and materials.
  • Technical requirements of the installation.
  • Preparation of electrical documentation.


  • Protection panels, power distribution, signals, automation, etc.
  • Electrical desks, synoptic panels and boxes.
  • PLC control cabinets.
  • PC panels.


  • Robot and collaborative robot programming (KUKA, FANUC, ABB, UR, etc.)
  • PLC HMI Programming (Siemens, Schneider, Rockwell Automation, Mitsubishi, Esa, etc.)
  • Programming of frequency controllers, temperature controllers and process and motor control.
  • Industrial communication protocols (Profibus, Profinet, Devicenet, Ethernet, Ethercat, Modbus, etc.).
  • KNX and DALI home automation programming.

Assembly, installation and start up

  • Lighting and air conditioning installations in factories, buildings and infrastructures.
  • o Automated installations in warehouses, internal and external logistics, in industrial and high-performance environments.
  • Integration of robotised lines, conveyors, handling, painting…
  • Installation / Migration of control cabinets.
  • Testing of connections, configuration and commissioning of PLCs.
  • Legalisation of installations (CE conformity, connections, etc.).

Maintenance and technical service

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of installations.
  • Adaptations and improvements to installations.
  • Creation and development of maintenance plans.
  • We have collaboration agreements for the periodic review of the state of machines and equipment.

Typology of projects for SMEs and large companies in all industrial sectors

Transporters for handling and logistics

Overhead transport lines (Electrovia and Power & free)

Skid Transporters

Belt and scrap transporters

Transfers between systems

Manipulators and Skillet

Control systems

Communications with ERP

Monitoring and control rooms

RFID and NFC identification and traceability of parts

Machine vision

Quality and bolting systems

Robotic installations

Spot, arc, laser, etc. welding lines.

Robots for applying adhesive, mastic, etc.

Robotic cells and handling robots.

Applications with collaborative robots

Control systems

Industrial processes

Sheet metal treatment (TTS, KTL)

Bodywork painting

Cabin control

Surface treatment


AGV integration inside and outside the factory

automatizacion industrial

Automatic storage

Put to Light / Pick to Light Systems

Stacker cranes / Shuttles


Customized machinery integration


Communications networks

Migrations of obsolete technologies

Projects in big installations

Success stories

Industrial Automation: Benefits

Production processes more agile, secure, flexible and efficient.

Adapting to demand and reducing time to market.

Improve connectivity and initiate the digitalisation process.

Increasing the quality of processes.

Improve productivity and reduce cycle times.

Increased availability of systems.