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In the article What is an MES system? we explained what type of management an MES system allows, but we consider it necessary to explain the benefits of having an MES system. In this article we will mention the benefits with the greatest impact.

Benefits of an MES system: Production

There are many benefits of an MES system in a production plant. Firstly, this system will allow total control of production as it will achieve the integration of the entire factory. That is to say, it will facilitate the integral management of production and, at the same time, it will allow an immediate response to what and how it is being produced in real time.

On the other hand, by having control and management in real time, operations will be streamlined and there will be continuous improvement of production processes. All of this will lead to shorter production times. In the same way, idle times will decrease, thus generating an improvement in production efficiency in the production plant.

Production data will be obtained digitally, either automatically (coming from the machines or between systems) or manually (with the operator carrying out actions directly on the system). In any case, this allows the elimination of paper and the problems that this entails.

The implementation of an MES system will ensure the execution of quality tests during production by means of the imputation in digital quality forms. At the same time, any operation will be recorded in the system so that full traceability will be ensured.

The overall benefits of an MES system will contribute directly to cost reductions that will benefit the plant.

By knowing how production is taking place, actions and decisions can be taken to optimise production, reduce costs and increase margins.

Benefits of an MES system: For the operator

An MES system has certain benefits for the operator and his workplace.

The MES system is a management tool for the worker. It allows him to know the area to which he is assigned, while at the same time facilitating his identification during his shift and his respective departure.

On the other hand, he will be able to have all the information necessary for the execution of his functions: Orders and production planning, instructions and forms to complete, the status of the execution of your work…. This will be very beneficial to organise the work and thus achieve an improvement in production efficiency.

Finally, the MES system will also allow you to know the incidents associated with your position.  That is to say, you will be able to know what has failed and the respective reason. Moreover, if you carry out a correct follow-up, you will be able to anticipate possible failures and review them.

Benefits of an MES system: For the production manager

The main benefit of an MES system for the production manager of a plant is complete monitoring. The manager will have a view of the entire production plant and will be able to digitally plan, manage, control and monitor all the production processes and orders given to the operators. Through the MES system, the manager will be able to sequence the daily production by assigning the corresponding tasks to each operator, give orders in real time, etc.

In addition, the MES software will be a visualisation tool as it will allow him to know the state of the machines, the reasons for lack of efficiency, the descriptions of articles, the degree of progress of the operations, performance indicators, etc.

A final benefit of an MES system for the production manager is the ability to analyse and monitor stoppages and micro-stops. The manager will be able to know the reason for the stop, whether it was an expected stop or not, whether it was due to worker rest or machinery failure, etc.

In short, there are numerous benefits of an MES system that will improve the results of a production plant.