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Currently, the implementation of platforms such as the MES system and the SCADA system are essential for the good management of a factory. Both cooperate with each other in search of the optimisation of the operations of the production process, adapting to the current digitalisation of society.

In this article we explain the main characteristics of each one and the differences between MES and SCADA systems.

SCADA system

The SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system is based on a system focused on the supervision, collection and control of data. Through the monitoring of the equipment it is possible to know the data in real time.

It is characterised by its remote access capability due to the digitalisation of operations. It allows data to be collected and analysed remotely and in real time.

It is also capable of storing all the data and reports collected and representing them graphically to facilitate better interpretation.

MES System

The MES system (Manufacturing Execution System) focuses on production. This system is based on the digitalisation of production, which makes it possible to manage and control the operations of a factory in a comprehensive manner: data capture, production orders, document management, planning, OEE detection, etc. In this way, it facilitates and speeds up all production processes and, at the same time, reduces costs and waiting time.

Thanks to the MES system, there is an interconnection between all levels of the production plants. Thus, they can calculate the performance of their operations and improve their efficiency.

Another advantage of the MES system is the ability to anticipate future failures, breakdowns or errors. Due to the continuous collection of real-time data, operators can be properly informed and ensure the correct functioning of the entire production.

Difference between MES and SCADA

Based on what is defined in the article, it is understood that the main difference between the MES system and the SCADA system is based on their main function.

The SCADA system focuses on the collection of data and information in real time while the MES system is at a higher level with a focus on decision making and uses this data to manage, control and execute production.

Therefore, they are two systems that work cooperatively and in real time, seeking to streamline production and ensure the correct development of the production process.