Legato MES system for planning, tracking and tracing





  • Reduce manual data entry
  • Automate the transfer of information and increase the transparency of information in the whole process with the ERP.


  • Implementation of the Legato MES.
  • Integration of the “Tracking & Tracing” traceability module.
  • Detailed order planning was the main part of the project. The production orders at operation level, the approved products and the corresponding work plans are automatically transferred from the ERP system to the MES.
  • In a Gantt chart, the production manager can schedule the order book, split orders, merge orders and plan alternative resources. Short-term changes to the ERP can be easily added and possible overlaps can be made by analyzing and visualizing the capacity.
  • The Legato MES terminal (HTML5 application) provides, among other things, the current workflows at the respective station in tabular form. The order processing status can be changed and the machine statuses can be adjusted. The latest quantities (via manual entry or reading from the control), order status, etc. are simultaneously communicated to the ERP and displayed as order progress in addition to the control in the Gantt chart.


  • Increased transparency (order completion, machine capacity, production order, tracking and tracing of production-related data).
  • Reduction of errors (automatic import of data from the ERP).



Integration done by our Partner Gefasoft