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A “Manufacturing Execution System” (MES) is a software that allows the operations of the production process to be monitored, controlled and recorded in real time.

Currently, the incorporation of this software in industry is becoming essential and is undoubtedly one of the central technological tools of digital transformation. This type of platform has proven its importance as it increases the level of productivity and efficiency while reducing costs and ensuring the traceability of the production process.

The MES system as the backbone of Industry 4.0  

Within the well-known CIM pyramid, the MES system is located between the ERP and the factory shop floor (PLCs, AGVs, robots, machines, operators, SCADA, etc.). It is the key technological tool in Industry 4.0 and factory management due to the link between the business management platforms and the hardware and IOT elements of the production plant.

The core of the MES is production and it allows the factory departments to make decisions in real time based on the data that these platforms generate and that are compiled in fully customised reports with key KPIS such as OEE, number of breakdowns, machine status, progress of manufacturing orders and sequencing, etc.

What is an MES system and the MOM system?

It is important to know how MES platforms fit into the MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) environment.

At Geprom we consider that a MOM platform encompasses the functions of planning, production, quality, logistics and maintenance. Depending on the needs of the client and the process, it is possible that it is necessary to work with more advanced systems independently or grouping functionalities in a single platform.

In short, a MOM platform encompasses the following systems:

It is essential that the systems are fully integrated with each other on a single platform. It is common to integrate an MES system with planning, quality, maintenance and logistics modules capable of growing and evolving in a single platform until a complete MOM platform for the integral management of operations is available.