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The maintenance software CMMS (Computer Aided Maintenance Management) is a computerised system that streamlines the management of various maintenance tasks and operations in real time.

It is used to maintain a centralised record of all assets and equipment for which the maintenance team is responsible, to schedule and track maintenance activities and to detail the work they have performed.

At the same time, it provides a combination of work order management, inventory management and maintenance scheduling that covers all areas of any company’s work on facilities, machinery, production plants or other assets requiring maintenance.

Main objective of CMMS systems

Overall, the main objective of a CMMS system is to help users manage maintenance, track assets and allocate resources and technician tasks in the most efficient way.

Benefits of CMMS systems

The features of computer-aided maintenance management systems offer companies several significant advantages. They help maintenance technicians stay organised with accountability notices and maintenance appointment reminders.

Users can track and manage tools or equipment, reducing the possibility of them being lost or damaged.

The implementation of a CMMS provides the following benefits benefits, among others:

  • Reduce maintenance management costs.
  • Increasing labour efficiency.
  • Adequate documentation management.
  • Standardise and homogenise maintenance tasks.
  • Manage inventories and automated purchasing.
  • Reduce corrective maintenance.
  • Control of the time management of field technicians.
  • Greater cost control.
  • Ability to analyse management data to improve maintenance plans.
  • Optimise decision making after data analysis.
  • Identify the causes of faults.

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