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AGVS, the logistics solution in Industry 4.0

Industry is constantly changing, always looking for new solutions in order to maximise the performance of production processes. In an increasingly competitive environment, with more variety of products and articles, where reducing storage times is key, internal and external logistics play a vital role in guaranteeing supply and avoiding stock-outs.

AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles) are automated guided vehicles that move on the ground without a driver. These are mobile robots that provide complete automation and a flexible and safe solution to improve the efficiency of the logistics process.

In order to move autonomously, these vehicles are equipped with a complex control and management system that allows two main groups to be distinguished. A first group refers to those AGVs which do not intervene in the environment in which they move and only work automatically. A second group is made up of those AGVs that have fluid communications with the environment through which they manage the orders and their own movements to be carried out on a constant basis. They communicate with the plant’s handling systems, automatic doors, automatic warehouses, the company’s management software (ERP, WMS, etc.).

Benefits of using AGVs

The use of AGVs in the plant not only means a reduction in costs and an increase in process efficiency, but also brings numerous benefits such as:

– Increase in overall process productivity.
– Increased safety (operator, plant and goods)
– Reduction of time to market.
– Increased traceability, as the whole process is connected in real time.
– Reducing errors and increasing accuracy.

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