Digital Twin” simulation of logistic flows AGVs


Success Case SEAT



  • Customized development and implementation of a digital twin for the optimization of logistic flows.
  • Virtualize and simulate the process to determine the logistical impact of incorporating new AGVs using historical data from the MES.
  • Assess and test the effectiveness of new investments by reducing the risk of failure and without jeopardizing production.


  • Acquisition, capture of historical and real-time data from sensors, AGVs, people and routes from the MES/SCADA Legato system.
  • Data processing and treatment.
  • Creation of the virtual copy of the process.
  • Results and reporting based on different scenarios.


Thanks to the digital twin and AGV simulation project implemented by Geprom, the following benefits have been achieved:

  • 10% increase in OEE.
  • Obtaining a heat map of the most sensitive areas having logistical effects.
  • Optimization of the number of AGVs for each route.
  • Validation of the results and execution of the investment (+100 AGVs).