MES Objective system integration in Renolit


Success Case RENOLIT



  • A transparent production process (which specifications were agreed with the customer, what is the current status and whether the process is still up to the agreed specifications).
  • A complete documentation of the production process with all key parameters and specifications.
  • Single source of master data: quality specifications, packaging, production targets, productivity and waste must be available in digital format for each item and production line.


  • MES + SGA Objective.
  • Production data management.
  • History: storage and management of historical raw production data.
  • Shop floor control (start, stop, production orders).
  • Quality instructions, OEE and basic SPC.
  • WIP control: management of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products on the line.
  • Tracking and tracing in production.
  • Daily planning of production orders.
  • Interface with Ultimo (EAM), QAD (ERP in QMS) through IIB (middleware integration).


  • Clear planning of the production orders to be executed in the plant.
  • Increased production quality.
  • The production process is carried out more efficiently.
  • Direct operators in the packing of specific rolls into the appropriate boxes.
  • Accurate tracking of raw materials used for each production order.
  • Production parameters, quality measurements and samples are stored and can be accessed through the system.

“In MES, master data can be integrated fantastically with production lines to avoid paper in the factory . Also, always having the right data is a necessity in our industry.”

Richard Gilhuys

Chief Operating Officer

Integración realizada con nuestro Partner Objective