Objective MES+SGA integration at cheese manufacturer


Success Case MILCOBEL



  • Control and management of the production process based on formulas and not on experience.
  • Improve the efficiency of a process that is delicate and where the planning of the cheese treatment is essential.
  • The entire cheese production process must be automated.
  • Link to ERP system and machine controls
  • Tracking and traceability is also a top priority at Milcobel.


    • Milcobel Moorslede decided to implement the Objective WMS+MES system. The MES/WMS combination influences three important production flows:
  • Cheese processing lines/ripening rooms
    • Formula/Display-based work scheduling
    • Right stock in the right place
    • Batch tracing
    • Replacement of reach trucks with warehouse cranes
  • Weighing and dispatch
    • Optimal planning of weighing orders
    • Integration of Objective with the product specification system
    • Raw material is collected according to specifications
    • Pallet shape: identification and tracking
    • Scanning of pallets when loading the load
    • Interface weight, batch and asset information with the ERP system.
  • Outage and downtime detection
    • Traceability
    • Analysis according to article/reason for failure


  • Updated and actual stock image
  • Increased productivity of forklift truck operators through better combination of different internal movement tasks
  • Since the work is more task-oriented, not only are the operators supported correctly and cost-effectively, but the machines also take on some of the work.
  • Production processes are continuously optimized
  • The reliability of the production process has increased considerably
  • An important key performance indicator (KPI) is the actual delivery on the requested delivery date. This KPI has increased considerably

Integration made by our Partner Objective